10 Best Practices to Improve Your PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising Performance

1. Don’t Focus Your Mind On PPC, Focus Your Mind On Consumer-Initiated Marketing

Everyday business organisations are working hard to ensure they are recognised, and their products are known to the consumers. Business owners have seen a vast improvement in the marketing field, with most companies implementing and managing a display advertisement through Pay Per Click (PPC), as well as a significant focus towards local and mobile marketing. Since every other company is undertaking this activity, it is turning out to be of less value, unless spiced up.

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PPC advertisement will basically draw customers to your site, so they can check on what your business is offering. On the same note, they shouldn’t leave the site without adding value. Spice the site by initiating a conversation with them. Interact and have a one on one dialogue. The correct advertisement helps your customers to get convinced to buy what you are offering in store. Sweet-talk them through a direct conversation and respond to their questions appropriately.

2. Think About The Result

n as much as you are using PPC advertisement, what is your goal? Which achievements do you intend to get the publicity? Most people mistakenly think that drawing traffic to their site is an achievement. Just focus on the benefits the organisation is getting from the ad. Is traffic the end of everything? You should at least have a purpose of advertising your products, and much attention should be on Return On Investment (RIO). If you are the boss in that particular company, and the accountant is asking you, what benefits the organisation is getting from PPC advertisement, you should be in a position to give a firm answer. Your answer must not be on the traffic you are getting. Instead, it should focus on the goals and objectives of the company. If you can explain how it is adding value towards achieving business objectives, then it is a good practice and should be emphasised.

3. Measure The Returns on advertising website

As you are conducting your campaigns, use best analytic methods of tracking to measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Look at the essential words, which are bringing much profit into the organisation and budget with them appropriately. Tracking the returns will help you detect less important words, which you may decide to invest less in, or do away with it. While conducting a B2B business activity, make sure you have analytic tracking in place to determine the RIO values. Same applies to B2C. The significant thing is to ensure a good relationship during the business activities and a continuous harmonised conversation.

4. Optimise Your Conversation Path And Make It Fruitful

Most of the business owners mistakenly think that conversation starts after users have landed on their page. We should understand that communication starts when users interact with your ad on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Embrace a good relation from the beginning to the end. Provide a clear explanation to the consumers on what your business is offering through the dialogue. Make sure the conversation is polished and only focus towards achieving a positive result. Give all the information concerning your business to users and only leave them to decide on whether to buy your products or not. Here are the guidelines on what you can do to ensure that your traffic is convinced, once landed on your page.

  • Make your conversation path simple and instinctive.
  • Let users have a clear intention of the page
  • Provide all the information at their disposal (pricing, product specs, competitive comparisons, company information).
  • Make it clear, what you want users to accomplish.
  • Get rid of all the distractions and unwanted information on the pages.
  • Conspicuously position your “call for actions”.

5. Keep Testing Different Approaches And Strategies

To achieve better performance in PPC, you should keep testing for different approaches. Testing will help to refine the effectiveness and efficiency of your SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Conducting a multivariate testing will help you achieve different results, which you can analyse and determine the best option for long-term use.

While performing the test, it is important to balance the size of the test with the account size. If the trial is significant, it has to be located enough time and sufficient capital. People mistakenly do the test in a hurry and they end up getting false results. Allocating enough financial resources to the trial isn’t everything. Time acts as a crucial factor but longer the time allowed for a large test, the more accurate is the data and results obtained.

6. Target A Specific Market

If you can narrow yourself down to addressing a particular market, it is essential and more efficient. The common strategy nowadays is targeting an individual market. For example, if you are running a local business in your area, you should use a Geo-targeting strategy to address your residents. What is your business offering? Are your clients mostly men or women? Use a demographic targeting strategy to address your customers. You could be targeting a particular age group or a specific gender. Apply the targeting strategies to optimise your advertisement.

7. Use Vertical Search Engines

Vertical search engines are essential because they lower CPC and improve the overall traffic. It is also vital since buyers will more likely use it later in the purchase decision processes. All in all, it is favourable and profitable. Business with little advertisement budget should naturally embrace the use of vertical search engines if they are to run smoothly and achieve greater ROI.

8. Speak The Language Of Your Clients

When creating the keywords, use words that your customers are likely to search. It is all about stepping into their minds and giving them what they want. Avoid using words that will not attract essential users. Most of the phrase may attract significantly, but unnecessary traffic. Use words that will bring relevant users to your site.

9. Take Quality Score As An Indicator And Not As A Destination


Quality score

You might have a poor quality score, but with an excellent conversion rate and a good cost per conversation, you can improve your PPC performance.

10. Measure Cost Per Conversation And Not Necessarily Cost Per Click.

It is significant to consider conversation happened per click, which means many customers visited the website and performed some activity for example Customer buys a product or writes a comment on the latest article.