Tome22 is a website that has catalogued an enormous amount of information regarding climate research in a methodical manner.

Tome22 and earlier efforts were sparked by concerns and an impression that insufficient information was conveniently available to allow a thinking person to make their own assessments. Raw information is available on the Internet, but the effort required to assemble enough of it to be useful prevents most people from being able to come to an informed opinion.

Tome22 evolved out of the earlier AccessIPCC which was focussed on the IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report and which could not be easily expanded to cover other documents or to allow inquiry into other than documents.

Tome22 exists to support unbiased assessments of some aspects of climatology.

Tome22 investigation is concerned only with the processes of scientific research and the processes that allow that research to impact on government policy.

Flawed processes will not yield credible science, documents or policy. No opinion is offered on the relative merits of particular scientific theories.

Tome22 provides convenient access to those motivated to do some of their own research. The site also provides more easily accessible Articles where the base research has already been done and observations are offered to the reader with the underlying research readily available.

 Tome22 currently covers:

    The IPCC's Fourth Assessment Report in great detail,
    the InterAcademy Council's Report into the processes of the IPCC,
    the Australian Academy of Science's Climate Change Questions and Answers,
    25,000+ persons and their affiliations with 5,000+ organisations,
    all the ClimateGate emails.


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