Tips to Buy and Sell Surplus Stock

One of the biggest problems faced by our retail industry is a significant amount of inventory. As the stock increases, retailers and manufacturers are often facing this issue, and thus, they need to clear it out frequently. Stock buyers play a significant role in our financial setup.

Liquidation of stock is one of the biggest tasks of these types of companies. Such stock buying companies continuously look into any of the general stock that they wish to clear. It is seen that almost all stock marketing companies are very interested in bankrupt stocks that can be sold at a huge discounted amount.

Look for unwanted stock at wholesale price

There are some industries like food and beverage, clothing industry, box manufacturing companies, electrical equipment sales and supply industries, etc. that are continuously facing the stock clearing issues.

The stock buyers are interested in buying the excess stock from such retailers and sell it in the open market at a profitable margin. After collecting such surplus stocks from various companies and retailers, the stock buyers conduct a clearance sale, which becomes one of the primary sources of income. Thus, buying the unwanted or excess stock from manufacturing companies or retailers and selling it in the open market at a discounted rate by conducting clearance sale time to time has become one of the major fashion of business, and such stock buyers are willing to buy stocks from the manufacturer’s warehouse at any time.

There are many types of stock buyers, some of them accept only a selected item. However, others are interested in any items that bring them a good margin after sales.
Keeping excess stock in the warehouse is one of the key issues faced by manufacturers, which in turn affects their productivity as well. When new products are launched according to the changes in the market, old stocks are to be regularly cleared, and if the old stock comes in surplus, it will be a great loss for the manufacturer. Thus, companies are willing to clear their unwanted inventories in a wholesale manner. This will help the manufacturing companies to run their business in a smooth way.

In some cases, if the manufacturer faces any issues with their piled up stock due to the limited warehouse storage, some of the efficient stock clearance companies provide quick stock removal service within 48 hours to avoid any production hassles.
Thus, this method of buying unwanted stocks at a cheap rate is profitable in every aspect. The manufacturer can remove their excess stock, which will not stop their production; stock buyers purchase goods at a very low rate, and the consumers can get commodities at a very low rate than the maximum retail price.

Here, the stock buyers get most of the benefit as they purchase the product in a lump sum and sell it in the open market by conducting End of Season Sales, Clearance Sales, etc. at a profitable rate.

Club Root Disease – Treatment & Control | Auscsc

club root disease

Maintaining a beautiful garden is in some ways similar to raising a loving family. Tender care is necessary not only to ensure that your garden looks fresh and beautiful but also to protect the plants from various diseases. Most homeowners cannot be expected to be experts in the area of plant protection and plant care.

Qualified and experienced horticulturists and professional gardeners can identify problems at first sight and initiate measures to stem the rot before a potential trouble impacts the whole garden. Club root is among common diseases that affect a variety of plants. Let us now focus on understanding Clubroot and means of preventing the disease from spreading.

What is club root?

Club root is a common disease that largely affects vegetable gardens that have plants from Brassicae family. In generic terms, this includes cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, radishes, stocks, turnips, wallflowers, Brussels sprouts and the like. In the past, the disease was reckoned as a mould though it has now joined the ranks of what is known as Phytomyxea.

Detecting Clubroot

Malformation at the root of the plant on account of enhanced cell growth and division leading to galls appearing is the first sign of club root. The galls in turn tie up the nutrients and nutrients and water do not reach plant tissues above the ground level in severely infected conditions.

Infection can occur at varying stages of the plant growth and the impact consequently differs.

Since the infection, when noticed special care, you are better off getting professional advice to prevent a proliferation of the disease and take other corrective action needed to contain recurrence.
During the growth of brassicae crops, the roots tend to release chemicals known as exudates aiding germination of spores that lie dormant. Post-germination, the pathogens gain mobility and transition to the root hairs. Once infected, the root grows abnormally and when the affected plants finally decay they release spores back to the soil and disease cycle thus continues.

Effective Treatment

It is extremely difficult to manage club root and the best of controlling is by rotating the crops to prevent spreading. This can be achieved by choosing cruciferous plants for affected areas once every 3 or 4 years.

Acidic soil promotes the growth of Clubroot and therefore enhancing pH level to about 7.2 could be an effective means of controlling club root. Calcitic lime is often the best means of raising pH except in conditions where the soil has low magnesium. In low magnesium conditions, dolomitic lime could be more effective.

Where feasible liming the soil at least 6 weeks ahead of planting time is considered beneficial and care should be taken to prevent raising the pH to very high levels. High alkalinity in the soil can impact the growth of other non-cruciferous plants.

Cleaning and disinfecting garden tools is one way to prevent spreading of the spores to areas free from the infection. Moving the contaminated soil or infected plants from one part of the garden to another (includes mud on your shoe soles) could lay out an invitation for more trouble. Take care to prevent soil runoff during a rainy season.

Certain types of fungicides also tend to promote club root disease. Most chemicals are also resistant to the club root disease and your only option may be to pull and, dispose of the affected plants as early as possible. Aggressive action is by far the only means of preventing the disease from spreading.

While removing the affected plants, you should dig around the plant and ensure that the root system is completely removed so that the roots do not break up promoting further spread. The plants removed must be discarded safely and never added to your compost pile.
Water, wind and garden tools aid spreading of fungal spores.

Club root disease can develop due to a wide array of conditions. However, low level of soil pH and excess moisture are the main contributors. Remember that the spores can remain active in the ground for as long as ten years.

As you have seen, raising the pH level in the soil is an effective measure in controlling club root disease. However, applying lime to achieve this, has its share of associated health risks and therefore a seasoned professional gardener is always preferred to take charge. Professionals are better equipped to handle these hazardous chemicals and also make a more informed decision about the issues affecting your garden, including the soil conditions.

Euro Solar – A decade of Sustained Service to Australians

Euro Solar roof mount and rack Panels

After a modest beginning about a decade ago in 2008, with only four employees and a modest warehouse, Euro Solar has today grown to be the driving force behind the Australian solar power industry. When we examine this strident growth, we do come across instances where Euro Solar has attracted negative press and suffered from its consequences too. What is important however is that the company has weathered those onslaughts successfully to become the largest solar panel installer and supplier in Australia as they are poised to enter their 10th successful year of service to the Australian solar industry.
500,00 solar panels installed by Euro Solar
Over the short space of 9 years, Euro Solar has risen to be the most trusted and largest solar installer and supplier in Australia. Today, Euro Solar boasts of no less than 500,000 solar panels installed across Euro Solar has always focused on providing its customers with solar panels of high efficiency and high-quality inverters to optimise return on investment in comparison to conventional sources of energy. The motto has always been providing quality that the customers can TRUST and prices that are just unbeatable.
The homework I did

When I set out exploring various options to have a rooftop solar installation for my Sydney home, I had examined multiple vendors and their standing in the market. The overview of Euro Solar I have mentioned above was culled from various sources including the company’s websites. Admittedly, at first sight, everything was not very rosy about Euro Solar, and I found a mixed basket of good and bad experiences cited by customers from across Australia. But, I also found a common thread running among most of these reviews, complaints and EuroSolar recommendations. Euro Solar did offer a very competitive price, and the performance of their products either exceeded or was very close to the claims made by the company. Therefore, I had to take a balanced view to forming an opinion about the reliability of the enterprise.

Understanding the economics
I was also aware that the cost of conventional energy would be at least twice that I am paying today and I must, therefore, tap into the cheaper alternative of solar energy sooner than later. Therefore, my investment decision was also aided by the future savings that I would make from meeting the chunk of my energy needs from solar power. Broadly, my expectation was to get at least 80% of my energy requirement from solar and draw the rest from the grid. After elaborate considerations including projected future needs, we decided that a 3kW system would be adequate for the needs of my family.
Lowest price guarantee from Euro Solar
When it came to comparing prices, one thing that attracted my attention was the ‘lowest price guarantee’ given by Euro solar. This company agreed not just to match a competitor’s price but also knock off 10% if I provided a written quote from another competitor for comparable equipment and services. Well, that was a gritty commitment in bold letters, and I had some work to do before invoking that clause. However, I could not gain much from this offer because the competition did not give me the opportunity and the lowest quote I received was from Euro Solar.
Euro Solar provided tremendous help with the numbers
I am not an expert with the figures and therefore needed help figuring out the economics of a 3kW system for my home. Euro Solar was very helpful in this regard. One of their representatives spent about 2 hours explaining to me how the whole process worked. He showed me that unless I added more power guzzling gadgets to what I already had, from the 3rd year onwards, I could, in fact, be making some money by transferring excess power produced to the grid. In other words, this meant that there would be no more energy bills and I could be getting small sums of money back from the utility company. One change that I made based on the advice given by Euro Solar representative was to choose a 3.25kW system instead of the 3kW I had originally planned.
My price
Most competitors quoted between $5K and $6K for the 3.25kW system specifications I had worked out in consultation with Euro Solar. Euro Solar was a tad below $3K, and that turned out to be the best deal I could get on the given day. The next major task was doing the arithmetic about the feed-in tariff, incentive/subsidies that would accrue to me and all. As I said earlier, Euro Solar was happy to do all that homework for me, and we signed the contract.
I am a happy customer for Euro Solar
Installation of my system was completed in 5 days, and on day seven after the installation process started, I was using solar energy! Another factor that impressed me was that my home, including the rooftop, was thoroughly cleaned by Euro Solar personnel, leaving absolutely no mess around for me to take charge later. My wife and I appreciated this because cleaning up would have been a real bother for both of us.
In the end, you can see that I am the happy customer and my choice of Euro Solar was right. The upfront cost of installing a solar power system continues to remain a major concern for most homeowners, and as my experience shows, Euro Solar does offer the best possible price in the market at any given point of time. One question that might still haunt some of the readers may be the volley of negative reviews that Euro Solar has in the digital world. While I cannot opine on why a particular customer had a bad experience with Euro Solar, I can only surmise that individual circumstances vary vastly and our ability to take an informed decision would weigh in finally. The 500,000 panels that the company has installed so far was an active element that helped me with my final decision.
Given my experience, I won’t wink an eye to recommend Euro Solar to any customer planning to install a solar power system for his/her home in Australia.

Roofing options for Australian home owners – the Pros and Cons

The storm is a significant threat to Australian roofs, particularly in areas like Sydney and Melbourne; therefore roofing options must carefully factor in this risk. Australian homeowners looking for new or replacement roofing materials today enjoy a wider choice than before. For those looking for metal sheets, COLORBOND®, as a brand has gained immense popularity on account of its light weight and versatility in application. The pros and cons of some of the roofing options re-explained below:


Tiles are very versatile and come in different colours and textures. Tiles have a lifespan of about 50 years and significant resistance to fire which could be particularly advantageous in areas prone to bushfire. However, tiles are heavier and some homes may additional load bearing supports. Installation cost for tiles is also relatively high, and its tendency to shift can pave a way to leaks. However, with proper maintenance, you can be free from issues such as leaks.

COLORBOND® – Metal Roofing

Although concrete tiles are still the preferred choice for many homeowners, there has been a significant shift towards COLORBOND®.
On account of many advantages of the product when compared to most other options. Though the origin of COLORBOND® is traced to the United States of America, many Australian businesses have successfully refined the technology behind bonding paint to galvanised base. This has resulted in a roofing option that is significantly corrosion resistant and non-combustible. COLORBOND® also resists chipping, peeling, and cracking. The aesthetic appeal for multiple applications is another positive attribute of COLORBOND®.
However, when it comes to cost effectiveness, COLORBOND® loses out to concrete tiles. Metal sheets typically last about 30 years, and when you consider the higher installation cost for metal sheets, other options like tiles score over metal sheets. Certain metal roofs also do not allow ceiling insulation, and that could add to the cons.


With Shingles, your home gets a traditional look, and you have the ability to choose from different materials and even combine them for enhanced aesthetics. Most conventional shingles include asphalt and fibreglass. Shingles are lightweight and installed over a plyboard base. This will help you save a significant amount of money on expensive structural walls. Regarding installation, shingles are pretty easy to handle, and therefore you can look at a lower installation cost compared to most other roofing options. Shingles are also available in a wide range of colours and styles. The lifespan of shingles is about 30 years and repairing shingles is never a terrible job.

Green Roofs

Construction of green roofs typically involves constructing an insulating layer, waterproofing, plants and pebbles. A green roof stands as a garden atop your roof. While green roofs are increasingly prevalent in Europe, Australians are now adopting green roofs in new constructions at an enhanced pace. Adelaide Zoo is at the forefront of green roofing in Australia and owns and maintains several green roofs in that region.
Green roofs bring several benefits to the homeowner. It helps in preserving space, controls water runoff and reduces the energy costs for the building while adding to the aesthetic appeal and attraction for wildlife. It helps in providing additional insulation and cooling the region. Significant reduction of carbon footprint is another advantage of green roofs and this in turn impacts of maintaining the building.
The cost of green roofs can vary depending on individual circumstances. Presently there is no evidence on the life span of green roofs.

Slate roofs

Slate represents laminated rock that can be cut into thin sheets of uniform thickness. The durability of slate is remarkable and can often exceed a lifetime. Slate is, however, more expensive when compared to asphalt. Slate roofs are pretty costly to install, and the fixed cost can perch between $10 and $20 depending on a lot of slate roofing you select. Difficulties of the roof and your physical location can also impact costs. But, the timeless beauty and long life span of slate roofs make it a sought after option for some homeowners.

Cedar Shakes

Natural beauty and gracious ageing into an appealing greyish silver are the major pros of cedar shakes. Cedar lasts long and outlives most other roofing materials by at least a decade. Cedar resists high winds, and this could be particularly advantageous in some regions across Australia. Energy efficiency of cedar will have a beneficial on the cost of energy consumed by homes with a cedar roof. The initial cost of cedar roofing is higher compared to other options like asphalt. But, when we consider the long life cycle of the product, your cost per year will peg closer to the cheaper options. The need for regular maintenance is another drag with cedar shakes.

Solar Energy – Why Sun Is Considered As An Exceptional Energy Source


Did you know that the Solar Energy potential of the earth is about 50, 000 Exajoules annually – which is currently hundred times more than the total world energy consumption! Yes, with the help of science and technology, we can harness the exceptional energy of the powerful sun, to make an efficient, inexhaustible, independent, versatile and sustainable source of renewables, which also has various associated long-term benefits as well.

Solar Energy- The Popular Harnessing Techniques

Regions with plenty of sunshine can harness the Solar Energy with the help of popular active techniques like Solar Photo Voltaic Cells (or Solar Panels) and Solar Water (Thermal) Heating. The Solar Photo Voltaic Cells (SPV Cells) are made of semiconductors like mono or polycrystalline silicon. When the rays of the sun hit the surface of these SPV Cells with the help of mirrors and lenses, the loose electrons from the cells are put to work and their flow through the cell, generates electricity. On a commercial scale, Solar Thermal Power Plants are installed wherein the sun’s energy is first concentrated to bring water to boil. Next, the steam generated is further used to drive a turbine to generate electricity, much like hydroelectricity generation.

How it is both healthy and environmentally friendly?

Let’s make hay while the sun shines! Quite literally, the sun’s energy is indefinitely renewable and is estimated to be one of the world’s cheapest source of energy. More importantly, it is unquestionably one of the ‘cleanest’ sources of energy.

  • Unlike coal or thermal electricity, solar power generation does not emit carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases which can cause global warming.
  • It uses little or no water in its production. It only uses a minimal amount of steam, which remains unpolluted and reusable.
  • It also does not produces noxious chemicals and gases in the environment like nitrogen oxides, mercury, lead and other toxic materials which can affect human beings, soil and wildlife.
  • Solar Energy doesn’t cause noise pollution.
  • They count on less associated safety risks and have a lower environmental footprint.

Availability, Growth and Scope in Australia

Currently, Australia produces only about 2.5% of electricity via solar energy (standing at 8th Rank on a global scale). Australia receives about 4kWh/m2 at an average of solar radiation per day (exceeding that of Russia, Europe and half of North America), during the winter months. Hence, with the accurate calculations applied, Solar Energy in the upcoming years can replace ~50% of the current total household energy requirements of the country.

Some of the things that need to be considered before installing Solar Power Stations:

  • Installations and Time Lag charges can be high- thus; initial costs (unless the subsidy is provided) may be equivalent to conventional sources.
  • It can be installed in only those areas that receive ample amount of sunlight.
  • During the night, the solar energy is stored in batteries. Unless safe disposal practices (end-of-cycle recycling) are applied, such batteries and none silicon solar cells can be a load to the landfills.
  • Efficiency is 14-25% lower than other sources of energy.
  • The power output of solar power stations is relatively much lower than the conventional modes when compare the area required.

With the Australian’s Government Solar Credit Program (alongside the Renewable Energy Target 2020), one can acquire rebates of more than A$ 50, 000 at an average. The Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) is designed to provide at least 45, 000 GW- hours (20% of total electricity generated) of clean energy to Australia till 2020. The Council of Sydney has also planned to provide 100% renewable energy by 2030. Euro Solar Group is working in Australia to create awareness for solar energy. This is due to concerns about damaged ozone layer in Australia. You can learn more about their products and causes by visiting here.

The development and installation of mega solar energy power plants require three crucial things – abundant insolation, large flat land area and tailored transmission lines. The construction of a small 1MW solar energy power plant would require an area of about 25, 000 m2. The area should also be flat and not obstructed by mountains or other large structures that can block the sunlight. Transmission of electricity from solar power plants requires high voltage transmission lines, and the receiver shouldn’t be too far from the source.

Moreover, and quite usually, solar energy cells produce excessive electricity than that is required. Selling of this extra energy from the grid can help you earn big revenues. Also, reliable solar installations are virtually maintenance free for at least 20-25 years. Due to innovation in technology, government support, environment friendliness and popular demand, the cost of solar panel installations is taking a steep descent and will continue to drop further. Thus, with relatively straightforward and hassle-free technology and enough initial patience, harnessing solar energy is undoubtedly fruitful, economical and has the capacity to meet fifteen times the current global world energy requirements.

Great Fun: Corporate Christmas Party in an Adventure Park

There are obviously many ways to plan a corporate Christmas party. Every employee has made significant contributions to make the successful during the year, and they, naturally, are looking forward to a fantastic Christmas party at the end of the year. It is the opportunity they have to relax, kick back and enjoy the celebrations provided by the employer. A corporate Christmas party acts as a great morale booster and is the way to say those powerful words “thank you” so that your employees wind down the year with a positive frame of mind and return to work in the New Year happier to take the business to greater heights.

corporate function venues

Choosing the venue

Picking the right corporate function venues for your Christmas party is among the most important aspects of organising a great party. Christmas is the most important festival season of the year, and obviously, there will be a plethora of offers from prominent hotels to traditional halls and other private party organisers. But, how do you make a difference and pick a unique venue that can leave indelible imprints in the minds of your employees?


Benefits of choosing an Adventure/Theme Park

Have you thought of hosting the corporate Christmas Party this year in a theme park? One of the main advantages of choosing a theme park for your corporate Christmas Party is that it is an inclusive venue where every member of your employees and their families get to participate and enjoy the event to the hilt. Theme parks offer a wide range of opportunities for the young, young at heart and the old alike. Apart from this, the uniqueness that it offers will be a distinct factor that your employees will remember for a long time.

theme park

Research and plan ahead

Obviously, planning ahead is the key to getting the best out of anything, and that is true of your Christmas party too. Thorough research of available opportunities regarding different venues, activities, space, catering, entertainment, etc. should be undertaken to determine what is most suited to your needs. This is a Corporate Christmas party, right? So resist the temptation to cram up too many people into too little space. You are always better off looking at a different venue than looking at unhappy employees at the end of the event. The place you choose should have enough lung space, entertainment for all ages, plenty of activity, music and invariably a lavish catering. If you’re considering hailing big taxi vans in Melbourne, then keep in mind that A trip from Federation Square to the Luna Park would cost less than $30, but during peak hour it could be higher.

Adventure parks offer sprawling real estate

A significant advantage with adventure parks/theme parks is the sprawling property most of them have. It will give you the ability to earmark a large space exclusively for your employees so that they get to enjoy the evening without any interruption from other revellers. You can choose appropriate space for small as well as large groups of people depending on the numbers you are planning for.

adventure theme park

Activity planning

The next thing that comes up is planning enough activity across age groups. Why not involve some of the employees in planning out this part of the Christmas party? This way you are adding to their sense of belonging and they will feel the importance that you are giving to their participation in planning the event. You will always have the liberty to design the final content depending on what the theme park has on offer and your budget.

Food and drinks

Food and drink constitute, perhaps, the most important part of the evening. Be as liberal as you possibly can be on this. Allocating some 50% of your overall budget to this segment would be very desirable. Again, make sure that you pay close attention to the age profile of the participants. Remember that food preferences vary widely between the young and the old. Similarly, choose the drinks wisely with enough quality munching to go along with it. Your caterer can be a huge help in designing this section appropriately. Think of a unique menu or exceptional items from a Thai/Asian/Japanese or Mexican delights. Some fruits like Pineapples afford great opportunities for innovation. Cut the whole pineapple into two halves, scoop out the flesh from inside to make an ice cream holder. Dress up the outside and fill the two halves on the rocks cream when ready to serve. True that this may not be viable for large groups, but you can think of a similar innovation such as coconut shells which may be available in large numbers with adequate planning. Things that are available locally and can create that ‘who’ feel is what you should be considering. If time permits, run a contest among your employees for ideas and reward the best ideas at the Christmas party even if you don’t choose any of those ideas.

food and drink

Sound and Music

Sound and Music with some dance and other forms of entertainment is integral to any party. Check what the theme park/adventure park has on offer. More importantly, how can your employees participate? Do you have an in-house band that can perhaps play during the occasion? Does the theme park provide the necessary facilities in that case?

Sound and Music


Finally, it is time to create a perfect schedule for your corporate Christmas party. Speak to your HR and see what would be the last working day of the year. Coming back to work the day after the party is not a good idea. Allow time for people to relax and savor the festive season. Maybe, closer to the New Year Day is convenient to all. Check for the holiday plans of individual employees because if a significant number of them are going to be away, your corporate Christmas party can potentially lose its sheen. Let your employees have a tentative schedule, months before the event. Many individuals start planning their year-end holidays months in advance and won’t want to miss out on the corporate event you are planning.

Remember also to have a small team coordinating the entire event.

Potential Risks of Used Packing Boxes

Cardboard storage boxes are essential for moving activities, especially for frequent movers. They offer cheapest and most convenient method of packing and transporting things. However, there are certain risks involved with storing your items in these boxes based on my experience. I too love cardboard boxes and have plenty of them in my house. My job demands that I be a frequent mover. I usually move from one city to another in search of clients to offer my services. For that reason, I’ve to live in temporary rented accommodations and store my clothes in boxes. It is impossible to discard using boxes, but I just felt like mentioning some of the problems associated with boxes.

Accumulation of Boxes

For the frequent movers like me, we tend to make close friends with boxes. Whenever you come across a box, you only think of taking it and putting it somewhere “safe”. As if it wasn’t safe where you found it! With time, you realise that you have very many boxes, consuming a lot of space in your house. But since you are used to the boxes, you may not realise the muddled state of your house. However, if you get a frank friend, bold enough to point out your indecency, don’t be surprised to get criticism concerning the accumulation of boxes.

Fire Risk

Keeping many cardboard boxes together, mostly in a small space, can be a significant risk of fire outbreak. When we store boxes in a hot environment, especially during summer, they dry up and become highly inflammable. By freeing your storage spaces from cardboard boxes, you’re protecting yourself and residents near you against unnecessary fire outbreaks.

Potential Risk of Pests and Bugs

The boxes make an ideal environment for nasty critters to live in. Although this is debatable, I guarantee that parasite, insects, and other creatures like hiding in boxes. Spiders are an excellent example. They like creating their webs in dry and dark environments. If we leave those boxes unattended for precisely long, many spiders will invade the place, and comfortably change it into their permanent place of residence. Think of it again- spider’s home, within your home!
We aren’t talking about spiders alone. Other friends will also come to enjoy the box comfort. Cockroaches, silverfish, and bookworms will never hesitate to invade your house. The thing is- you risk harbouring dangerous creepy crawlies in your house. Unless you have a particular task or a reason for storing boxes, always flatten them and carry them to the recycling.

Waste of Storage Space

If you have numerous boxes piling up your house, they obviously consume a lot of space that we could otherwise use for other activities. Space is an essential commodity. I don’t see any reason for you to waste it by filling it up with mere boxes. It is, therefore, necessary that you take them to the recycling immediately after using them. By that, you will have adequate space for other activities, or for storing essential items. Well, I understand how hard it is to get rid of these boxes, especially for the box-oriented people like me. But, try it out.

Give your Lawn a new life

There is a huge difference between professional lawn mowing services and cutting the grass from here and there yourself. It is certainly not an easy task, as it seems so. Well, I’m telling you this from my own experience. I had a real bad experience while taking it as a DIY task. And eventually, after doing more harm than good to my garden, I had to call for professional help. So, In my opinion, I would highly recommend some professional services to shape up your lawn/ garden, rather than doing it yourself. If not, then you’ll surely end up not only ruining your garden, but also a huge amount of your time and effort. Effective gardening and lawn mowing demands highly skilled professional expertise and proficient knowledge about gardening. Simply stating, we do an easy task of gardening without much planning, while a professional would know that where and in what direction his cutting tool should move forward or shouldn’t at all.

gardening and lawn mowing

What is Lawn Mowing:

First of all, what is lawn mowing? While walking through your neighbourhood, you might have seen some really bad looking lawns. The answer to the above-stated question lies in that scene; any badly-shaped yard has experienced improper lawn mowing or no mowing at all. You can see foot high grass, tonnes of self-grown weed, and randomly grown petals all over that lawn. I had experienced such condition for a while and was in dire need to makeover my lawn beautifully. So shaping up your garden and getting rid of all unnecessary items is called lawn mowing.

gardening tools

Why Proper Lawn Mowing is Necessary:

Lawn mowing through an improper and inappropriate way is the most common cause of lawn problems. It is extremely important to mow your lawn once in a while. As the plant leaves grow randomly and they needed to be shaped up properly to look good. And depending upon your collection of plants and type of grass, the size of the grass can grow as high as 10 to 60 cm (24 inches), and you surely can imagine what would that look like.

With that much long grass, there is an increased possibility of unwanted flowering which is smaller in size but has high intensity of allergy-inducing pollen production. You won’t be able to see this unusual growth as long grass hid their appearance by falling off on the ground or just by being there with that length.


Mowing helps to remove damaged or rust coloured tips of leaves and grass. It also helps to get rid of weeds, thus make room for healthy and fresh grass to grow. Properly managed lawn have thicker patches of grass and allows fewer or no holes for a growth of weeds. If an appropriate procedure is followed for lawn mowing, your grass will not only shape better but also have more area and strength to grow properly. If you study the growth pattern of grass, then you’ll see that grass leaves have special growth hormones at the apex which only allow vertical and upward growth of grass, while suppressing it to grow in a horizontal direction. So cutting of the grass from this apical portion, suppress apical growth of grass and let it use its growth hormones and food to spread outwards and with faster speed.

So, lawn mowing is a highly important task to do. Whether you do a little or so, you’ll definitely see much difference. And if you hire some professional team to perform this task, your garden will look alive.


Harmful Effects of Improper Lawn Mowing:

As said earlier, proper lawn mowing is of vital importance for regular and shaped up growth of plants. Simultaneously there are numerous harmful effects are associated with improper lawn mowing. Some of which are stated below,

  • Improperly cut leaves make room for entry of disease-causing organisms
  • Cause less production of grass which in turn produce lesser storage of carbohydrates
  • Stored Carbohydrates are essential to combat stress, so with lower carbohydrates plant have to endure more stress
  • Increased water loss from leaf ends
  • Root growth halts for a shorter period of time
  • Grass cutting shock the plant and it have to divert it’s growth hormone from growing upwards and channelling them to spread outwards that halt this growth totally for a while.
  • Roots absorb lesser amount of water which affects plant health
  • If grass is cut too short than normal, it will result in,
    • Reduced Root Growth
    • Grass roots will require more fertilisers and water to start growth.
    • Plants become less resistant to disease-causing harmful insects
    • With high room to grow, more weeds will grow in that place

All in all, if lawn mowing is not done properly, then your lawn will surely become home to unwanted insects, self-grown weeds and disease causing small animals.

Perks of Hiring Professional Lawn Mowing Services:

If you need a good haircut, you’ll surely go to some professional hairdresser rather than ruin your face look by doing it yourself. In a similar manner, get your lawn done by professional lawn mowers. I was told to do this task myself to save money. But I got disappointed after wasting my time and energy, as I wasn’t able to do the job properly. Then I searched for some professionals to take on the task, and to my amazement there were many. You can get whatever sort of services you want, by size of your place, needs of your lawn and your personal preferences. You can get following services from skilled professional,

  • Mowing of all lawn surface area
  • Cutting of long grown plants into proper shape
  • Defined and appropriately shaped flower beds and sidewalks
  • Proper removal of debris from patio, sidewalks and driveways

Professional lawn mowing has proven to be highly beneficial for me as,

  • You can spend your time in any other important activity, or just sit back and relax
  • It has shown itself to be economical for me, as I had spent a lot of money while doing it myself
  • It’s best for those who have any plant allergies

I would highly recommend some professional team to shape up and decorate your lawn properly and economically.

Invest On Solar Panels For Greater Return On Investment

Solar panels are doing wonders to many homes and businesses. By using the free and renewable energy from the sun, it is well known for saving an enormous amount of money on electricity bills. Eurosolar is a company which offers solar energy solutions for competitive prices across Australia. I recommend you to have a look at their site to get an idea of what type of solar systems available for your home or business. Although solar panels are used mainly for economic and environmental benefits, it has more of other advantages which will help you determine why you should use solar panel and why it is worth spending money on:

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1. Cheap Electricity Bills: Electricity bills occupy a significant part of your monthly expenses. So whether you are a business person or a homeowner, high electricity bills are always your big concern. With solar panels, you are relieved from high financial pressure because once you install them; your electricity bills are drastically reduced. Being a modular technology, solar panels can be fitted in as much number as you want. The bigger your solar capacity, the higher your savings on electricity bills. In fact, when you use it for a long term, you can save a considerable amount of money. Most people, therefore, install solar panel as a form of investment and are gaining a considerable amount of ROI.

2. Environment Friendless: Solar panels are environment-friendly and are a great aid for reducing harmful carbon compounds emitted into the environment through other sources of energy. When you replace your electricity source with solar panels, you help to reduce the tremendous amount of carbon emission in the environment. According to a survey, the amount of carbon emission decrease with the aid of normal residential solar panel is equal to planting 100 trees. This ensures cleaner air, water and soil and thus a healthier life of human beings. Besides, dependence on solar energy provides a greater sense of energy security and enhances economic growth of the entire country.

3. High Property Values: One of the best reasons why most people want to invest in solar energy is because it dramatically increases the value of your home. If you have a home worth $500,000 and you install a typical solar panel in it, the value of your home is likely to be increased by at least $20,000. In other words, solar panels not only help you to reduce electricity bill amount but also contributes to getting your entire money back at the time of selling your home.

4. Prevention Of Global Warming: Global warming has become a threat to every living being on earth. Thanks to solar panels for they can produce electricity without encouraging global warming. In fact, because of its green nature, it is being greatly preferred to others for prevention from climate change and global warming

5. Sustainability: The reason why we can rely on solar energy or solar panels so much is its viability. Since the sunlight is consistent across the globe, we can depend on the source to obtain energy each and every day in the long run. Even though some days are cloudy, we know by weather or climate forecast about the amount of sunlight that can be obtained at a particular location in a given time.

6. Higher Energy Security: Sun is the most reliable source of energy. There is no risk of the source getting consumed entirely. Therefore, solar energy is considered as a better alternative for energy consumption than any other sources. Due to the reason, solar panels are famous for providing higher energy security. No country wants to face an energy crisis, and therefore, they are emphasising more and more on the development of solar energy based panels and systems.

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7. Energy Independence: Solar power makes you independent. Admit it! Once you install solar panels on the roof, the sun is all yours. Basically, you will own an independent source of energy for generating electricity for your home or business. On a large scale, it promotes energy independence of the whole country by decreasing the rate of gas and oil purchase from other nations.

8. Job Opportunities: Solar power is known to create double or triple employment than coal or natural gas. Not only those, companies that are based on solar power systems usually pay higher salaries to the employees. Since these jobs cannot be outsourced, it helps to boost the national economy of any country.

9. Competition: As more people and companies are becoming aware of the benefits of solar power, they are being inclined towards installing solar panels. Most of the companies are using this cost-efficient source of energy to run their business. The competition is on rising. Watch out!

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Solar panels are extremely advantageous for our homes and business as well as for the environment and the entire planet. It is based on the solar energy of the sun which is available consistently at almost every corner of the earth. They are the most attractive for the conserving environment and reducing our electricity bills. On the other hand, as more countries are investing in developing solar panels, they are also gaining independence in energy consumption and higher security in availability. Also, the fact that it helps to increase property values is attracting more homeowners. Due to the above mentioned extensive benefits, more people, companies, cities and nations are encouraged to use solar panels.