Hi, I’m Alex Fereday, maintainer of Australian Climate & Science Club (AUSCSC) Organisation’s website and a sustainable development blogger. I have worked in the news reporting sector for 12 years, and have created this website to deliver news on the latest burning issues in society.

AUSCSC was set up to inform people about the most recent development trends ranging from entertainment to sustainability and education. I view the trends on any given topic or problem and undertake the analysis to present the facts in a clear and concise way that anyone can understand.

I’m a committed conservationist, and I dedicate my time to providing long term sustainable solutions to everyday problems such as renovating your backyard lawn to investing in solar panels. I also evaluate the latest psychology news to inform readers on how to stay mentally as well as physically healthy. I am constantly on the lookout for newer topics to delve into and provide my expertise in to give you the information you need and save you time

Over the years, I’ve focused on highlighting the main solutions facing everyday people and discussing proven solutions to save money, increase efficiency and improve their quality of living. IT is my belief that a key hurdle people need to overcome to be more environmentally and health conscious is being able to access and reach the right information phrased in a way they can understand.

You can count on me to deliver the latest and most useful information and solutions to common problems.

Got ideas or questions on what I should be discussing on our blog? Send me a message, and I will get cracking on the analysis for you.