Great Fun: Corporate Christmas Party in an Adventure Park

There are obviously many ways to plan a corporate Christmas party. Every employee has made significant contributions to make the successful during the year, and they, naturally, are looking forward to a fantastic Christmas party at the end of the year. It is the opportunity they have to relax, kick back and enjoy the celebrations provided by the employer. A corporate Christmas party acts as a great morale booster and is the way to say those powerful words “thank you” so that your employees wind down the year with a positive frame of mind and return to work in the New Year happier to take the business to greater heights.

corporate function venues

Choosing the venue

Picking the right corporate function venues for your Christmas party is among the most important aspects of organising a great party. Christmas is the most important festival season of the year, and obviously, there will be a plethora of offers from prominent hotels to traditional halls and other private party organisers. But, how do you make a difference and pick a unique venue that can leave indelible imprints in the minds of your employees?


Benefits of choosing an Adventure/Theme Park

Have you thought of hosting the corporate Christmas Party this year in a theme park? One of the main advantages of choosing a theme park for your corporate Christmas Party is that it is an inclusive venue where every member of your employees and their families get to participate and enjoy the event to the hilt. Theme parks offer a wide range of opportunities for the young, young at heart and the old alike. Apart from this, the uniqueness that it offers will be a distinct factor that your employees will remember for a long time.

theme park

Research and plan ahead

Obviously, planning ahead is the key to getting the best out of anything, and that is true of your Christmas party too. Thorough research of available opportunities regarding different venues, activities, space, catering, entertainment, etc. should be undertaken to determine what is most suited to your needs. This is a Corporate Christmas party, right? So resist the temptation to cram up too many people into too little space. You are always better off looking at a different venue than looking at unhappy employees at the end of the event. The place you choose should have enough lung space, entertainment for all ages, plenty of activity, music and invariably a lavish catering.

Adventure parks offer sprawling real estate

A significant advantage with adventure parks/theme parks is the sprawling property most of them have. It will give you the ability to earmark a large space exclusively for your employees so that they get to enjoy the evening without any interruption from other revellers. You can choose appropriate space for small as well as large groups of people depending on the numbers you are planning for.

adventure theme park

Activity planning

The next thing that comes up is planning enough activity across age groups. Why not involve some of the employees in planning out this part of the Christmas party? This way you are adding to their sense of belonging and they will feel the importance that you are giving to their participation in planning the event. You will always have the liberty to design the final content depending on what the theme park has on offer and your budget.

Food and drinks

Food and drink constitute, perhaps, the most important part of the evening. Be as liberal as you possibly can be on this. Allocating some 50% of your overall budget to this segment would be very desirable. Again, make sure that you pay close attention to the age profile of the participants. Remember that food preferences vary widely between the young and the old. Similarly, choose the drinks wisely with enough quality munching to go along with it. Your caterer can be a huge help in designing this section appropriately. Think of a unique menu or exceptional items from a Thai/Asian/Japanese or Mexican delights. Some fruits like Pineapples afford great opportunities for innovation. Cut the whole pineapple into two halves, scoop out the flesh from inside to make an ice cream holder. Dress up the outside and fill the two halves on the rocks cream when ready to serve. True that this may not be viable for large groups, but you can think of a similar innovation such as coconut shells which may be available in large numbers with adequate planning. Things that are available locally and can create that ‘who’ feel is what you should be considering. If time permits, run a contest among your employees for ideas and reward the best ideas at the Christmas party even if you don’t choose any of those ideas.

food and drink

Sound and Music

Sound and Music with some dance and other forms of entertainment is integral to any party. Check what the theme park/adventure park has on offer. More importantly, how can your employees participate? Do you have an in-house band that can perhaps play during the occasion? Does the theme park provide the necessary facilities in that case?

Sound and Music


Finally, it is time to create a perfect schedule for your corporate Christmas party. Speak to your HR and see what would be the last working day of the year. Coming back to work the day after the party is not a good idea. Allow time for people to relax and savor the festive season. Maybe, closer to the New Year Day is convenient to all. Check for the holiday plans of individual employees because if a significant number of them are going to be away, your corporate Christmas party can potentially lose its sheen. Let your employees have a tentative schedule, months before the event. Many individuals start planning their year-end holidays months in advance and won’t want to miss out on the corporate event you are planning.

Remember also to have a small team coordinating the entire event.

Give your Lawn a new life

There is a huge difference between professional lawn mowing services and cutting the grass from here and there yourself. It is certainly not an easy task, as it seems so. Well, I’m telling you this from my own experience. I had a real bad experience while taking it as a DIY task. And eventually, after doing more harm than good to my garden, I had to call for professional help. So, In my opinion, I would highly recommend some professional services to shape up your lawn/ garden, rather than doing it yourself. If not, then you’ll surely end up not only ruining your garden, but also a huge amount of your time and effort. Effective gardening and lawn mowing demands highly skilled professional expertise and proficient knowledge about gardening. Simply stating, we do an easy task of gardening without much planning, while a professional would know that where and in what direction his cutting tool should move forward or shouldn’t at all.

gardening and lawn mowing

What is Lawn Mowing:

First of all, what is lawn mowing? While walking through your neighbourhood, you might have seen some really bad looking lawns. The answer to the above-stated question lies in that scene; any badly-shaped yard has experienced improper lawn mowing or no mowing at all. You can see foot high grass, tonnes of self-grown weed, and randomly grown petals all over that lawn. I had experienced such condition for a while and was in dire need to makeover my lawn beautifully. So shaping up your garden and getting rid of all unnecessary items is called lawn mowing.

gardening tools

Why Proper Lawn Mowing is Necessary:

Lawn mowing through an improper and inappropriate way is the most common cause of lawn problems. It is extremely important to mow your lawn once in a while. As the plant leaves grow randomly and they needed to be shaped up properly to look good. And depending upon your collection of plants and type of grass, the size of the grass can grow as high as 10 to 60 cm (24 inches), and you surely can imagine what would that look like.

With that much long grass, there is an increased possibility of unwanted flowering which is smaller in size but has high intensity of allergy-inducing pollen production. You won’t be able to see this unusual growth as long grass hid their appearance by falling off on the ground or just by being there with that length.


Mowing helps to remove damaged or rust coloured tips of leaves and grass. It also helps to get rid of weeds, thus make room for healthy and fresh grass to grow. Properly managed lawn have thicker patches of grass and allows fewer or no holes for a growth of weeds. If an appropriate procedure is followed for lawn mowing, your grass will not only shape better but also have more area and strength to grow properly. If you study the growth pattern of grass, then you’ll see that grass leaves have special growth hormones at the apex which only allow vertical and upward growth of grass, while suppressing it to grow in a horizontal direction. So cutting of the grass from this apical portion, suppress apical growth of grass and let it use its growth hormones and food to spread outwards and with faster speed.

So, lawn mowing is a highly important task to do. Whether you do a little or so, you’ll definitely see much difference. And if you hire some professional team to perform this task, your garden will look alive.


Harmful Effects of Improper Lawn Mowing:

As said earlier, proper lawn mowing is of vital importance for regular and shaped up growth of plants. Simultaneously there are numerous harmful effects are associated with improper lawn mowing. Some of which are stated below,

  • Improperly cut leaves make room for entry of disease-causing organisms
  • Cause less production of grass which in turn produce lesser storage of carbohydrates
  • Stored Carbohydrates are essential to combat stress, so with lower carbohydrates plant have to endure more stress
  • Increased water loss from leaf ends
  • Root growth halts for a shorter period of time
  • Grass cutting shock the plant and it have to divert it’s growth hormone from growing upwards and channelling them to spread outwards that halt this growth totally for a while.
  • Roots absorb lesser amount of water which affects plant health
  • If grass is cut too short than normal, it will result in,
    • Reduced Root Growth
    • Grass roots will require more fertilisers and water to start growth.
    • Plants become less resistant to disease-causing harmful insects
    • With high room to grow, more weeds will grow in that place

All in all, if lawn mowing is not done properly, then your lawn will surely become home to unwanted insects, self-grown weeds and disease causing small animals.

Perks of Hiring Professional Lawn Mowing Services:

If you need a good haircut, you’ll surely go to some professional hairdresser rather than ruin your face look by doing it yourself. In a similar manner, get your lawn done by professional lawn mowers. I was told to do this task myself to save money. But I got disappointed after wasting my time and energy, as I wasn’t able to do the job properly. Then I searched for some professionals to take on the task, and to my amazement there were many. You can get whatever sort of services you want, by size of your place, needs of your lawn and your personal preferences. You can get following services from skilled professional,

  • Mowing of all lawn surface area
  • Cutting of long grown plants into proper shape
  • Defined and appropriately shaped flower beds and sidewalks
  • Proper removal of debris from patio, sidewalks and driveways

Professional lawn mowing has proven to be highly beneficial for me as,

  • You can spend your time in any other important activity, or just sit back and relax
  • It has shown itself to be economical for me, as I had spent a lot of money while doing it myself
  • It’s best for those who have any plant allergies

I would highly recommend some professional team to shape up and decorate your lawn properly and economically.