A Look at some of the Best Buildings Around the Globe

Skyscrapers During Daytime

The Shard (London)

Professor Jeremy Myerson, Director at Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, RCA, has described the design and architecture of this building as a model of art and design for other cities, saying “As a 21st-century building for knowledge workers, it has a vast appeal and will become a model for other cities.”

Because of bold, aesthetic architectural design, phenomenal use of space, exceptionally artistic yet modern use of glass wall throughout the area, the office building of Shard had gained immense popularity even before it was completed. The super amazing architectural aura of this office along with breathtaking views of contemporary London Bridge is certainly a subtle way of keeping the employees inspired and spellbound.

Starting from the reception, the entrance lobby is splendidly designed, giving a spacious and classy aura to every visitor. Marvelous use of glass, steel, and marble give off a typical aristocratic yet hi-tech vibe to the whole place.

From top to bottom, the building offers an open, shareable and professional look that welcomes a range of occupiers and encourages them to expand and develop their businesses, as each floor offers floor plates at every level with a range of sizes. The architecture of these plates is wonderfully organized concerning the availability of light and vibrant view of the city, along with automated blinds that respond to light level.

Project architect William Matthews describes the design as, “We wanted a building that could breathe and offer people a more human link between the inside and outside, as opposed to the classic, hermetically sealed skyscraper.”

The Bow (Calgary, Canada)

The Bow Towers in Calgary

Stunningly beautiful and wonderfully recognizable skyscraper, The Bow,┬áis one of the most significant buildings in the Calgary’s skyline and one of the most important pieces of architecture in the world. With 236 meters height, The Bow is the tallest building in Calgary and is visible from approximately anywhere in this city. Formerly the building was announced to be 247 meter high with 58 floors, but after a short while, the architect shortened to present height of 236 meter, due to concerns that the building will cast a long shadow on the cycle and walking paths.

To determine the beneficial form of the building both internally and externally, the climate experts suggested the shape of the skyscraper. It is concave facade from the south, helping to take advantage of direct sunlight and heat, while on the other side gives a convex surface that reduces the load gushes of air. Use of glass reduce the energy consumption and increase natural light.

Foster and partners completed the building in 2012, with the construction cost of more than $1 billion.

Inventionland Offices (Pittsburgh, USA)

Inventionland proudly holds the prestige of being the largest invention factory of America, and world’s ultimate design and innovation destination. The design of this building is amazingly unique, playfully customized, and is built as a little fantasyland.

Varying from department to department, the office is innovatively designed in 16 different themed sets, where each set carries a joyful and cheerful vibes. These themes include,

  1. Pirate Ship Discovery- Pirate, shipwrecked in the waters, a giant shark with open mouth, a box filled with gold coins, the whole scene of this department is intricately designed to truly replicate the basic idea. While in reality this pirate ship is loaded with state-of-the-art equipment and is home to highly skilled and talented innovators, having expertized in designing hi-tech products and games.
  2. Invention 54- Say hello to the future with everything electronic all around, including interior and exterior design. This is home to electronic devices.
  3. Nursery Nook- Designed as an open comic book, especially for kids, great place to innovate toys or story books’ ideas.
  4. Motor Speedway- racing cars, Speedway, checkered flags; amazing design of an office that work for automobiles.
  5. Inventalot Castle- Dragon, knights, giant pillars, a perfect display of a castle style; here the creations discuss and innovate new ideas in really an aristocratic way.
  6. Animation Attic- a True amalgamation of design and art, this attic is a home to marketing and display of animation ideas.
  7. Brainpower Ballpark- Studded with hi-tech equipment, games, and comfortable seating, the innovators brainstorm here to innovate new sports creations.
  8. Crafty Cottage- Inspired by fairy tales, made up with marshmallows and interiorly designed with a huge color palette, this cottage is home for fashion craft designers.
  9. Davy’s Treehouse- Standing above the giant tree and surrounded by a beautiful lake, this place is perfect to think and innovate in a relaxing environment.
  10. George Davison Studios- New ideas are showcased, trimmed and edited in this magical place.
  11. Creation Cavern- a replica of some natural sights, like cascading waterfalls, butterflies, and mountains, this department is all set for its employees to create free product ideas.
  12. Concept Kitchen- Surrounded by ice-cream, doughnuts, and lollipops and embellished with a glistening waterfall rater syrup-fall, the kitchen set seems edible of all and is perfect for bake ware ideas.
  13. Health and Beauty Boutique- Soft, purplish and homey exterior and interior of this department works perfectly fine to create some health and beauty products.
  14. Pet Shack- A masterpiece of creativity inside out, the pet shack is an amazingly lustrous place, to innovate some great ideas for pet homes.
  15. Creativity Cabin- A log cabin, workplace for creative package designers.
  16. Home Sweet Home- Literally a “Home” to innovate, create, and test new home’s goods. A giant tree, beautiful terrace, comfortable seating, bedroom, dining, and everything else needed to make a home feel cozy and enjoyable, this home themed set provide it with all.

George Davison, the creative genius behind this design wonder, said, “The best work comes out of the spirit of play”.

Bank of China (Hong Kong)

Panoramic View of Bank of China Towers in Hong Kong

The office tower of the Bank of China is the most recognizable skyscraper in Hong Kong. It’s distinctively unique design catches every visitor’s eye. This 72 story tower was designed by I. M Pet and L.C Pei and partners and was the tallest building in Hong Kong and Asia for two years (from 1990 to 1992).

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